Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Recently, while back home in Blackburn I went to visit a friend who practices the art of taxidermy at her small studio in Great Harwood. Unbeknownst to me, she shared the studio space with a woman called Jacque Sharpels who runs a letterpress printing business called 'Print for Love of Wood'. 

As a designer, I am obsessed with craft driven printing techniques such as letterpress, so stumbling into the studio was a big surprise to which I became very excited. Unfortunately due to the time we visited Jacque was not in, so I could not ask her any questions regarding the studio or her work. However, I was lucky enough to have the chance to have a quick look around and take some pictures. The studio itself was fascinating, filled with draws full of old wooden type, various letterpress printing machines and the smell of ink. 

A shot of the studio.

Draws of type.

Assorted pieces of work.

Printing press.

Typographic arrangement.

Finally, as we were leaving my friend managed to find one of jacqui's buisness cards. As letterpress printing is something that really interests me on both a professional and personal level I think that completing a small work placement at the studio would be very beneficial.  Therefore, before I next travel home I plan to contact Jacqui to inquire about the availability of a short work placement. By completing a placement at the studio I could further my knowledge regarding the letterpress printing process and experience what it is like working in a professional printing environment.