Monday, 22 April 2013



On Tuesday 16th of april we presented our projects to a small group. The presentations recapped the concepts and showed how much progress we have made since the last critique. At the end of the presentation we were given feedback from members of the group and a tutor. Below are a few select slides from my presentation. 

Below are a selection of slides from my presentation.


  1. Firstly, in my proposal I mentioned that the target audience was aimed at middle aged people who dislike street art. It was suggested that I re-think my target audience currently it is very focused. Moreover, the selected audience may not engage with and buy the book in the first place.  
  2. Furthermore, when presenting my photographs I talked about how street art made me explore the city I was in. It was suggested that I should include some maps plotting the locations of public art on a map, this supports my books function and also enabled the audience to directly engage with the art form if they want to. 
  3. Finally, I also talked about the content and focus of my article. It was made apparent that I had become slightly unfocused. The brief states that we explore a 'Brief History of' but in my article I have barely touched on the history of street art, or its development from graffiti. 


  1. I have now redefined my target audience as people who are misinformed about street art and its benefits to modern society. 
  2. I will include maps plotting the location of street art pieces that I have photographed.
  3. The article will be reworked.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


If I were a book, I would be a hand bound sketchbook. As a designer I am interested in book binding, and find sketchbook a good way of recording ideas and notes. Furthermore, by binding your own sketchbooks you can save money and used recycled paper.

If I were a package, I would contain food I would be distributed freely and opened by the hungry. The human race prides itself on achievements regarding money, power, technology and knowledge, and yet there are millions of people on a daily basis not getting enough food to survive properly. This is a problem that could be solved if collectively approached.

If I was a shop, I would sell street art, paintings, illustrations and art supplies along side skateboards and skate related equipment. The skateboarding culture share many links with design, illustration, street art and art, all of which are personally in my interests as a person. 

If I was a poster I would promote a political message addressing the problems in modern society. Similar to the work of street artists such as Shepard Fairey. Street art is a powerful form of communication that often addresses political and social problems. I am inspired by the artistic skill used to produce the poster, and the messages that they communicate. 

If I was a brand I would support such company values such as respecting the environment, recycling all waste and working with suppliers that have a similar ethos. Furthermore, a percentage of the company earnings would be sent to select charities. I would work with small clients and focus on producing work to the highest of possible standards in an aim to achieve the maximum amount of customer satisfaction. The brand would focus on conducting fair, friendly and quality business.
Graze on the Behance Network

If I was an exhibition I would show street art and illustration, Furthermore, I would not display the work in a gallery or studio, but instead on the streets, this way the work could also be appreciated by people passing by who would not normally have time to appreciate art.

File:Sten lex banksy, cans festival, londra 2008.jpg

If I was a leaflet I would contain information on how to live a healthy, cheap lifestyle. I would give tips on how to grow your own food, and how to reduce your carbon footprint. 

If I was a sign I would show inspiring, uplifting and useful messages and quotes. I would be displayed in the center of the city were people are in most need of cheering up. 

this isn't happiness™   photo caption contains external link

If I was an app I would give advice, tips and tricks to help with software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. As a designer I am confident with using the programs and have a good knowledge of how they should be used and interact with one and other. 

If I was a blog I would post inspirational, quality design and illustration work. I would be followed by creatives, and people who appreciate quality art and design work. Furthermore, I would also post about up-and-coming creative events, such as exhibition openings and talks.

If I was an event, I would be a free festival. Tickets would be numbered, but given out for free to individuals. The event would be promoted with art, illustrative posters would be created and disbursed, stickers would be printed and given out for free alongside small screen prints  murals would also be painted promoting the festival.