Friday, 15 February 2013


Today, we had our group criticism, we were first split into small groups where we presented our design sheets and five visual variations. After we presented our ideas and explained how the project was progressing, we then discussed as a group how the outcome could be improved and made suggestions as to how this could be done. 

I presented my work first, showing my design sheets, then visual variations. My designs were well received, especially the 'Iwo Jima' design that I had previously digitally produced. I then received feedback from the group which is shown below. 


  • Explore my favourite visual variations digitally.

  • Produce a digital illustration of the Balaclava design.

  • In my portrait grid design I could consider creating a grid of coloured squares to go behind each of the vector portrits.

  • When creating the grid I could consider using the same color scheme that I used in my 'Iwo Jima' design. 

  • Everyone was really impressed with the digital mock-up of my 'Iwo Jima' design, but it was mentioned that some lines in the illustration could be tidied up and made more accurate.


I will produce a digital version of the 'balaclava' design, as the composition and relevance of this design is stronger than the portrait grid. After reviewing the layout of the portrait grid I found a problem regarding the spacing between the illustrations. Therefore  I decided not to develop this design any further.

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