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On Tuesday 16th of april we presented our projects to a small group. The presentations recapped the concepts and showed how much progress we have made since the last critique. At the end of the presentation we were given feedback from members of the group and a tutor. Below are a few select slides from my presentation. 

Below are a selection of slides from my presentation.


  1. Firstly, in my proposal I mentioned that the target audience was aimed at middle aged people who dislike street art. It was suggested that I re-think my target audience currently it is very focused. Moreover, the selected audience may not engage with and buy the book in the first place.  
  2. Furthermore, when presenting my photographs I talked about how street art made me explore the city I was in. It was suggested that I should include some maps plotting the locations of public art on a map, this supports my books function and also enabled the audience to directly engage with the art form if they want to. 
  3. Finally, I also talked about the content and focus of my article. It was made apparent that I had become slightly unfocused. The brief states that we explore a 'Brief History of' but in my article I have barely touched on the history of street art, or its development from graffiti. 


  1. I have now redefined my target audience as people who are misinformed about street art and its benefits to modern society. 
  2. I will include maps plotting the location of street art pieces that I have photographed.
  3. The article will be reworked.

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