Tuesday, 12 November 2013


During Johns presentation he set the class a small task asking us to list different ways in which we could contact creatives, studios or agencies.

As discussed in the session thousands of students and designers apply for jobs and studio opportunities on a regular basis, all using similar methods of communication. To get noticed in such a competitive industry is hard, designers need to stand out from the crowd, however this is hard to achieve if you are using one of the common forms of communication. Therefore, I want to use this task as a way of generating some original ways that agencies and studios could be contacted.

I started the task by outlining the common methods of contacts that are used by the majority of people contacting graphic creatives, studios and agencies.

Common methods of contact;
  • Email.
  • Digitally produced letter.
  • C.V
  • Phone call.
  • Text message.

Next, I thought of a list of innovative ways that creatives, studios and agencies could be contacted. I decided to tailor the list so that the methods of contact suit my personal practice, this will allow me to create original responses;
  • A Hand written letter.
  • A creative video.
  • A creatively produced C.V.
  • Sticker pack.
  • Printed stationary.
  • Tailored book or zine.
  • Street art piece outside design agency.
  • Artisan present & letter.
  • Print pack (posters, postcards).
  • Magic.

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