Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Today, while browsing through the depths of the internet I came across a huge image (displayed below) of one of French street artist BLUBLU's amazing mural pieces.  

Initially, due to the strange way the image has been placed I was confused as to what the mural was going to illustrate. However, as I started scrolling I was instantly impressed by the murals concept, execution and size.

The piece, which illustrates the development of life on earth from a single celled organism, progressed to deliver a message about modern society, suggesting that if we cannot change our confrontational and often violent way of existence, we will ultimately destroy all life on earth. 

BLU's piece is inspirational on many levels, from the quality of the illustrations to the size over which the mural has been composed. However, personally, the aspect I find most inspirational is the concept behind the outcome. Like a lot of street art, BLU's mural deliveries a message commenting on the negative aspects of modern society, hinting at what awaits us if we cannot change our ways. Such social commentary fascinates me as I am heavily interested in global politics, sustainability and the social movements looking to facilitate positive global change.

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