Monday, 15 October 2012


In today’s studio briefing we discussed ‘What is higher education?’ we talked about things such as the definition of words associated with education such as ‘teach’ and ‘education’. Moreover, we also learned about different learning techniques and feedback methods.

After the lecture we were split into our blog groups ready for exercise. We initially were asked compose a list of things we would like feedback on, we had to consider how much work we have done so far, and if it is already assessed regularly.

What I want feedback on;

1.       Research – Is there enough? Is it annotated?

2.       The tone of voice used while writing on my blog.

3.       Standard of work

4.       Time management

5.       Quantity of work

Then as a group we compiled a list of common things we wanted feedback on. We composed the list on a sheet and added evidence of what could be assessed for feedback.

1.    Blog

2.    Annotation

3.    Work

4.    Research

5.    Amount of work

6.    Whether blog is labelled appropriately

7.    Use of media

8.    What level

9.    Essay


1.    Our blog

2.    Written work

3.    Experimentation/development

Next, as a class we pooled our ideas together to form a list of refined ideas.

Group list;

1.       Use of blog -      Content




                                          Quality  (Text & Image)

2.       Assessment Criteria

3.       Time management

4.       Academic/Writing skill

5.       Critical evaluation

6.       Quality of work

7.       Design decisions

8.       Understanding of design principles

9.       Individual improvement

10.   Appropriate responses

From this refined class list we had to write questions, these would later be used to assess the members of my groups’ blogs. We also had to make a note of how we would check if they had achieved the question.

1.       Has there been an effective use of time management? (Check times and dates of blog posts)

2.       Is the content labelled correctly and clearly? (Check blog titles and content)

3.       Is there a good balance of annotation and image? (Check blogs)

4.       Has all work been posted in the correct place? (Look through briefs and blog content)

5.       Is the blog up to date with work? (Look at briefs and compare to work posted on the blog)

6.       Are design decisions evidenced? (Read through Design context and design practice)

7.       Is the writing style formal or informal? (Check vocabulary used)

8.       Are all images linked? (Check images for reference)

9.       Are all the posts in order? (Check dates of posts compared to briefs)

10.   Are all blogs linked to the homepage? (Check if links work)

We then had to select five questions that we would then be evaluated on. These have been posted as individual posts on my PPP blog.

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