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Design contexts

In Fred's session today we discussed Graphic Design and its different functions and contexts. At the end of the session we were asked to collect visual responses to the list of prompts below. Each had to be accompanied by a short explanation as to why the image has been chosen. 
  • identify a range examples of Graphic Design appearing in different design contexts.


Magazine cover
This magazine cover created for 'Fat Magazine' mixes subtle greyscale photography with contrasting metallic typography, the outcome has a minimalist feel and is visually striking.

Pizza Packaging 
Above is a fine example of pizza box packaging. Designed for Dominoes, the box uses a limited colour pallet with letter press styled typography. The fonts all mix well and a clear hierarchy of type can be seen. 

Album cover
This simple album cover created for 'Coeur De Pirate' uses a mixture of illustration and photography to form an eye catching piece. Once again, the contrast of the black and white photo and metallic overprint  creates a really striking piece.

Poster, Advertisement
This poster was created to advertise a website promoting alternative travel such as the bicycle, using photography and typography to communicate the message.  

Poster, Advertisement 
Illustrated posters created for a Ripcurl surf event in San Francisco. The posters work as a set and have a fantastic balance of colour.

Simple yet effective logo.

Branding and Identity.
Stylish branding done for a clothing company. The focus of the identity is based around the script typographic logo. Moreover, there is also a hand print influence through the use of stamps.

Cd and box design.
Above is a DVD box set of Quentin Tarantino's films. The design mixes typography and illustration to create an aesthetically appropriate identity. 

  • Identify a range examples of Graphic Design performing different functions


Logo defining company values.
A simple logo that reflects the company values. The retro 'Barber shop' type mixes well with the script type below, the logo is well balanced and recognizable.

Poster created by 'R3DO' advertising Beirut in Mexico. The poster places typography and illustration over what would otherwise be a normal photograph making the image interesting and eye catching. 

Fantastic poster advertising an album launch party. The poster uses a limited selection of typefaces that mix well on the page. Moreover, there is also a limited use of colour which ensures the poster is not too visually overpowering.

Striking illustrated poster

Magazine front cover
The cover illustration is amazing and is balanced well with the script style typography.

Album cover
Mixes subtle colouring and well executed illustration to create a striking album cover.

Advertisement - Poster

A limited colour pallet of well chosen colours and an inventive composition make this a striking poster.

  • Identify a range examples of Graphic Design communicating different types of messages/ideas/concepts


Selected GigPosters, 2004-present on the Behance Network
Gig poster, uses illustration and typography to communicating/advertise the gig.

Logo, communicating company ethos.

Color psychology in logo design.
Inforgraphic, informing audience about colour theory.

All sizes | DixonBaxi Retrospective | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
 DixonBaxi Retrospective

2011 EPIC Awards Identity by Hyperakt
2011 EPIC Awards Identity by Hyperakt

Hotel brochure. 

  • Identify a range examples of Graphic Design using  a different tone of voice.

Tone of Voice

Bong Spirit Vodka imported from Holland
Bong spirit Vodka imported from Holland. Bottle reflects some of the culture associated with the Netherlands.  

Dinosaur propaganda.

Love the idea behind this logo... Architecture styled T & A. beautiful.
Logo design done for architectural firm.

Just In Case by MENOSUNOCEROUNO , via Behance
Just in case company branding.

24 Smart Graphic Design Resumés.
Graphic design Curriculum Vitae.
  • Identify a range examples of Graphic Design produced at different scales/places


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