Saturday, 17 November 2012


 Today, we had our critique for OUGD403 Message & Delivery – Distribution. I found this critique very helpful as it gave me required actions that I needed to complete to finish my project. Below are the feedback sheets.

The most important points that were made concerning my projects progression regarded producing my mailshot and adjusting my envelope dimensions. Up till this point in the project I had been focusing on the production of my poster and envelope. The envelope and poster hold the most importance need to be finished in time to be sent in the post. Moreover, they will form the content of the mail shot, therefore need to be produced to a high standard of visual quality.

It was also noted that my envelope dimensions were slightly off, when I researched into why this was I discovered that there was a slight re-sizing of the when sending to print. I overcame this by adjusting the print settings so this did not happen.

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