Friday, 9 November 2012


Today, we had the final evaluation of the OUGD403 Message & Delivery – Research brief. This was conducted anonymously so that the feedback was not biased in anyway. To begin with, the class was split into groups, the first which I was in left our work on a table and left the second group to critique it.

Upon returning, on top of our work pile we had three individual sheets with feedback about our project. These can be seen below.

To conclude, the feedback made it clear to me that my posters are straight to the point and communicate the message clearly. One thing that I could have improved was to make the image poster clearer, as when looked at singularly it dosen’t communicate the intended message immediately. I could have overcome this problem by including a symbolism of health such as a heart or cross.

Moreover, my posters met all restrictions set by the brief, such as the 2:1 size and two-colour restriction. It was noted that the colour scheme and flag background formed a strong theme that ran throughout the poster set.

Finally, a type mistake was spotted, something that I had not noticed throughout the production. In future I need to proof read my text and get a second person to double check it to avoid mistakes like this. 

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