Saturday, 16 May 2015


The other day, in preparation for the construction of my printed portfolio, I used Boardpushers custom skateboard printing service to print one of my second year illustrations onto the bottom of a skatebaord deck.

The illustration was originally created for one of Boardpushers monthly skateboard design competitions and was submitted as part of my responsive module. Unfortunately, the design did not win, but left me with a portfolio piece which evidences my skill as an illustrator.

Currently, the project is featured on my Behance page but lacks any decent contextual images of the design itself on a skateboard. In preparation for my integration into the design industry I am currently building my personal website and developing a printed portfolio. Therefore, I decided that printing the design professionally and taking a range of images of the final outcome would be hugely beneficial. 


A day after ordering the skateboard from boardpusher I received a nice email from Steven, one of the companies employees, asking if they could feature the design on their website and social meida outlets, essentially using it as a promotional piece for the company. As the creator, they would reference my website and any additional information I deemed relevant to their audience of consumers, making for some relevant personal promotion for me. 

The opportunity presented me with the chance for some free exposure and promotion, so I replied swiftly to let Steven know I am happy for them to feature the skateboard design.

The email received from Steven can be seen below;

Also attached to the email was an image of the printed design! 


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