Monday, 11 March 2013



Firstly, as soon as I had decided what artist I wanted to create the cover for I made my time management sheet. As the brief was only a week long it was important that my project progressed in time for my final to be submitted. The sheet helped me keep my time organised, which in turn gave me time before the deadline to refine my final design.

Moreover, when I was generating ideas I was thinking of the typical straightforward solutions, like Flavour Flavs clock or the revolution hand holding a mic. In this project I spent a lot more time generating ideas, this enabled me to think of a few solid ideas to carry forward to the development stages of the project. This benefited my outcome massively as without spending the extra time generating ideas I would have developed a weak design.

Despite creating a time management sheet I still didn't leave myself with enough time to develop my five visual variations digitally. I think that developing each of the five visual variations would have benefited my project, as the designs could have been visually engaging and aesthetically appropriate after being digitally rendered.

Finally, I am happy with my overall outcome, I think that the illustration is a good representation of the messages communicated by Public Enemy's song.  Moreover, the limited use of colours made the design aesthetically engaging. 

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