Monday, 4 March 2013


What makes me me?
What makes me a designer?

We started the session by getting into the groups and then splitting into pairs. Next, using the images collected for last weeks task, we identified the personal and professional images from the mixed up pile given to us by another pair.

 After sorting the images we had to create two statements about their personal and professional practice. This was interesting as we had to write the statement judged on how we interpreted the images.

Abi's professional images.



  • She likes illustrative work, produced in quite a free flowing style.
  • She is interested in contemporary editorial and publishing design.
  • She has an interest in typography, particularly hand-rendered and printed type.
  • Finally, she likes producing printed outcomes.  

Abi has a keen interest in illustration, work that inspires her is full of colour and is often created in a flowing floral style. Moreover, she is interested in contemporary editorial and publishing design, which is also linked to her interest in printed outcomes. Finally, Abi is also interested in typography, specifically hand-rendered and printed type.


  • Interested in animation films such as Finding Nemo.
  • Fun loving and family orientated.
  • She is outgoing and is interested in the outdoors.
Abi has a a fun loving, friendly personality, and has the up most admiration and respect for her family and friends. She is outgoing, and is interested in the outdoors (when its sunny). Finally, She likes animated films such as finding nemo.

Issy's Personal images.



  • Issy is interested in geometric and patterned illustrations.
  • She is up to date with popular culture.
  • She has an interest in printed media such as magazines and clothing design.
  • She likes clever/minimal packaging design.
  • Issy likes a limited use of colour.
  • Finally, she has an interest in branding and identity.

Issy has a strong interested in geometric and patterned illustration. Moreover, she also has an interest in printed media, specifically magazines. This could be derived from her interest in popular culture and the high class magazines that surround it. Additionally, Issy also likes minimal packaging design that uses a limited amount of colour. Finally, she also has an interest in branding and identity. 


  • She is messy.
  • She likes rain.
  • She is interested in strange words.
  • Issy enjoys quality alcohol.
  • Finally, she has an interest in personal fitness/dancing
Issy can be messy and is sometimes unorganized. She likes the rain, and dancing, and maybe some days singing. If we put that all together then we have a musical! But, she isn't interested in musicals. (i think)

We then read the statements to each person and asked them how accurately we portrayed them. We were pretty much 100% correct with our statements for Abi. Moreover, we only misjudged a few elements from Issys images, such as the vodka bottle, and interest in strange words.

Finally, we discussed associative communication.

When selling ourselfs (as designers) we should be aiming to come across as a product. People can understand something more clearly if they can associate it with something they know.

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