Friday, 22 March 2013


Today we had our concept criticism for the 'Speaking From Experience' brief. We each took turns to stand at the front of the room and present our three proposal boards. 

After the pitch we received verbal feedback from the third year students, as well as written feedback from everybody else. 


  • The third year students liked the concept.
  • I need to make sure that the outcomes engage the audience.
  • I need to be wary of time management, as the screen printing process can take a while.


  • Keep organised over the holidays and stick to my time management sheets.
  • Need to move the project along quickly as the print process can be time consuming.
  • Check when print room is open.
  • Create a mock up of the game, do a trial run and record results.
  • Make models of the packaging, how will it hold the elements of my design?
  • The game could be embarrassing for students who cant draw, how could I solve this? 

I found todays criticism really helpful. Pitching my idea to the group has helped my with confidence when presenting, as this is something I have had problems with before. We were also briefly introduced us to the third years who up until this point I haven't really interacted with, it was good to get their viewpoint on my project as they generated some useful feedback. Finally, I received helpful, constructive feedback on my project that I feel will help me develop the outcome. 

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