Thursday, 9 October 2014


Images below document my returning PPP presentation. 


After finishing the presentation  I received some feedback from the class regarding the presentations success and areas I could look into to help me progress from my current stage.
  • Good cohesive presentation.
  • Aspects of my practice are relevant in both the briefs, context of practice and placement plans.
  • Look at design related festivals and events & start attending.

Additionally, while watching the rest of the group presentations I took notes of any important aspects that bore relevance to 
  •  Headingly - Print & Binding workshops - review. 
  •  Manchester print fare - 25th October.
  •  Ornamental Conifer - hand painted typography - inspiration.
  •  Review briefs and define timescales - Organisation & Time management. 


First of all, I felt that I delivered the presentation in a clear and confident manner which I was really content with. When presenting in previous years I felt that my confidence was lacking while speaking in front of the class which consequently effected the delivery of information. After success of the presentation I hope to continue building upon this confidence until I am no longer apprehensive of public speaking. 

Additionally, definitive aspects of my practice such as my focus on sustainability are relevant and well established cross all level six modules. I believe this is a direct consequence of the PPP module completed at level 5 that allowed me to assess my core interests and apply them to my practice. 

An area for improvement lies with my interaction with various aspects of the design industry. At this moment in time I have yet to collect any research into up-and-coming design festivals and events. Therefore, I need to start collecting research to define the events that have relevance to my personal and professional interests and organise time to attend. Moreover, while attending such events I need to immerse myself in the culture, start networking, talking to other designers and making industry contacts.   

Finally, now I have defined a set of Leeds based studios I would like to complete an internship at I need to start composing and emails to try and arrange a placement. It is imperative that I do this as soon as possible as I will stand a better chance of securing a placement.

Moreover, I also need to start emailing studios that have relevance to my practice outside of Leeds. Although I may not be able to attend a placement at such studios forming industry links is important and will allow me to make connections. 

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