Friday, 3 October 2014


At the start of summer, a few weeks after finishing second year of the course I was messaged by the editor of BranD magazine inquiring if my new self branding project could be featured in their publication.

'BranD' is an international bi-monthly magazine based in Hong Kong, China. The magazine focuses on multidisciplinary communication design for businesses with English and Chinese versions published to meet the needs of the international audience. 

Although I will not be getting paid for the feature I will gain a lot of relevant exposure from industry relevant individuals. Therefore, after checking the legitimacy of the company I decided to reply giving my consent to feature the project. 

Below are some photographs of the project that will be featured;

Project Link - Link

The original message from Kiminco, editor of BranD can be seen below; 

Additionally, the images below display any further communications held between me and Kiminco; 

As part of the submission I was also asked to complete a submission form, this was relatively and did not take too long as I already had written a project description for the project post on my Behance. 

Finally, below is the 'Letter of Authorization for Publication' detailing the legal specifics of submission and publication of work. 


After a few months I received an email detailing the magazines release date, attached to the email was a PDF. of a selection of the magazines pages so I could view my work in context. The email and images are evidenced below;

The email;

The cover;

The double page spread;

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