Saturday, 4 October 2014


A few days before starting the course in late September I was messaged by Javier Zheng, the editor from Sandu Publishing based in China asking if they could feature my 'Self Promotion Pack' in one of their new publications, 'Portfolio Design'.

'Sandu Publishing' was founded in 2001 and focuses on publishing international design communication, advertising, graphic design and illustration in a range of design focused books and magazines. Currently, Sandu are involved with a range of renowned design publications such as 'Design 360 Magazine'.

The project that will be featured in the publication was created during first year and I don't particularly think that the outcome is very strong. Despite this, and not receiving any money for the feature I will gain valuable, industry relevant exposure and have an interesting aspect to add to my CV.  

Below are some images of the project that will be featured;

Project Link - Link

The original communications between me and Javier can be seen below;

Finally, as part of the submission I was asked to complete a submission form describing the project and crediting the designer. The form took slightly longer that the last time I completed a submission form as the project didn't have an existing project description already composed. 

The submission form can be seen below;

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