Saturday, 8 November 2014


For my second inspiration post I decided to focus on music instead of some kind of visual element. I believe that as graphic designers we should not be restrictive with where inspiration is taken from and instead expand our sources as widely as our consciousness will let us. 

Featured below are two songs from an Australian based band called 'Hiatus Kaiyote', who describe their music as 'Multi-dimensional, Polyrhythmic Gangster Shit', or as defined by Wikipedia; 'a neo-soul quartet'. Whatever definition is used to label this band simply cannot justify the inspiring ingenuity of the music they produce.  

I was introduced to the band by a friend and ever since have become completely mystified by their music which derives inspiration from soul and jazz music. To me, their songs acts as a soul touching breath of fresh air amongst the majority of music produced today. Personally, I find the music created by Hiatus Kaiyote inspirational for a range of reasons, but the most predominant ones are its capability to transport me to somewhere different in my consciousnesses and its ability to infuse me with the lyrical creativity of artist and inventiveness of the music. 

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