Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Today while browsing the internet I randomly came across some inspirational packaging designs that successfully apply a colorful, eye-catching illustration style that captures the excitement of the product while simultaneously grabbing the customers attention.

The series of packaging designs were created by illustrator Nate Williams to house a range of coffee produced by an artisan Australian company named 'Rio Coffee'. Products belonging to the 'Single Origin Coffee' range are sourced from four different parts of the world, Brazil, Kenya, Australia and Guatemala. Therefore, playing on this aspect, the concept for the packaging designs is based on imagery that has a cultural relevance to the coffees place of origin, illustrating aspects of the landscape, people and coffees production. 

I find the packaging designs inspirational due to the effective application of the illustrations and their representation of the origin countries in which the coffee is grown. Through the successful application of a strong concept, engaging illustration style and cohesive colour schemes the illustrator has developed a themed series of packaging designs that jump off the shelf when compared to other competing products, something which I can truly appreciate as a graphic designer.   

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