Friday, 14 November 2014


For this weeks inspiration post I decided to feature an environmentally focused infographic video published by 'Get Up Australia'. The three minute video aims to raise awareness of the environmental implications currently faced by Australia's 'Great Barrier Reef'. 

In the video, information is presented that reviews the approval by Australian government officials to let 'Adani', a huge multinational energy company, to expand a huge coal terminal on the East coast of Australia. Associated with this decision are multiple environmental problems that could seriously affect the well being of the Great Barrier Reef, a protected world heritage site that will soon be listed as 'In Danger'. 

For me, the video is inspirational for many reasons, both personal and professional. Firstly, on a personal level, the information that is communicated appeals to my interests, has direct relevance to my ethics and beliefs and subsequently helps to raise awareness of issues I am very passionate about. Moreover, the videos primary objective aims to raise awareness of environmental issues to the general public, essentially helping to facilitate movements that will combat environmental exploitation by powerful corporations. 

On a professional level, the video is inspirational due to the methods applied to communicate the information featured. When discussing controversial environmental issues it is important to present the audience with hard, evidenced facts to help highlight the many problems and their possible implications to wider society. The video successfully achieves this, presenting facts that outline the various facets of the issue using infographic visuals to effectively communicate information to the audience.  

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