Monday, 3 November 2014


An inspiring studio that I discovered while collecting visual research for a previous project is Californian based National Forest. The studio cover a range of disciplines from art direction to illustration allowing them to take on a range of creative briefs for forward thinking clients.

One of the reasons I find the studio inspiring and relevant to my design practice is because of their list of clients and consequent work produced. As previously discussed in my PPP presentations skateboarding has always been at the forefront of my interests and, at National Forest, they work with some of the industries most renowned companies such as Element and Habitat skateboards. Moreover, the creative freedom given to the agency by such clients has allowed National Forest to develop original outcomes that push the boundaries of what can be produced. 

The images below document the content found on the national forest website;


Some work that appealed to me as I browsed through the National Forest projects is displayed below; 


National Forest have produced a range of work for Elements Skateboards ranging from illustrative board graphics to apparel design. As a designer I am also really interest in illustration, both hand and digitally rendered, and so I find the graphic work produced by the agency aesthetically engaging and inspiring.


Made goods are a global furniture company for which National Forest developed an advertising campaign and art direction to help the company grow and expand. The project caught my attention due to the application of vibrant colours and consistent editorial layouts.


Company Of Parrots is a business based in London who work with artists, designers and creatives to develop a range of apparel and other printed goods. The company lacked a strong, consistent identity, and so National Forest helped to create a logo that can be used to represent the company.

All work taken from - National Forest.

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