Sunday, 5 April 2015


I spent this week of the Easter break at my mothers house, which is situated in a beautiful little Lancashire village called Whalley. Conveniently for me, an absolute nature fanatic, her house is only a five minute walk from some amazingly beautiful countryside and woodland areas, so I had the opportunity while staying there to experience it on a daily basis.

Most days, I would wake up just as the sun was coming up and go for a long walk exploring the different aspects of the surrounding landscape, something I have truly been missing while living in the city.

Morning spent alone in the woods can be really meditative and soul reviving, especially when surrounded by wildlife like roe-deer and foxes which I saw on a regular basis. 

Below are some image I took on my iPhone showing some of the interesting visuals and textures that can be found within nature that I believe could transfer well into a pattern or design element. 

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