Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Today I attended another one of the 'Start Up Wednesdays' sessions which, this week, was headed by an enthusiastic and engaging solicitor called Keith Arrowhead. 

The session was very useful and thoroughly enjoyable as Keith presented us with a range of relevant legal advice and information on how to choose the correct legal structure for a business while simultaneously telling fascinating stories with relevance to the topic in hand. 

As a student considering starting my own venture, the information Keith gave us was invaluable, enlightening and essential knowledge for anyone thinking of becoming self employed. 

Unfortunately, only a select number of students turned up for the session, however, this subsequently meant that Keith could learn about our  business ideas and give us legal advice specifically suited to our own individual ventures. 

Notes taken during the session are listed below;

  • Creative cultural skills - Intern funding - VERY USEFUL! 
  • A good lawyer brings clarity to a situation. 
    • Knows about a business and its aims.
    • Helps to achieve.
  • There is no protection for a business idea - people could easily steal.
    • Choose the time to reveal your idea carefully.
  • Businesses need structure.
    • What type of business do I want?
    • Joint ventures and collaborations are the same things with different names.
    • In co-operatives, each member has a vote.
    • A sole-trader is a one person business - personal assets liable for seizure if bankrupt.
    • Incorporate to avoid personal liability.
  • Companies house - Website for checking business name availability - VERY USEFUL! 
  • - website for checking social media name availability - VERY USEFUL!
  • Businesses can be protected by a trademark - This is free.
  • However a registered trademark is not free - registration costs £170 and lasts 10 years.
  • Design rights protect how a design looks.
    • £60-70 for 10 years protection.
    • 1 year to decide whether to protect.
  • All design work is protected by copyright - you do not have to register anything.
  • Acknowledging your copyright shows value of work.
  • Copyright is always retained by the creator unless they are working for a company or a deal is made.
  • Copyright lasts for 70 years. 

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