Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Today me, and a small group of other students, traveled to the outskirts of Leeds to visit Pressison Print, a small creative print house offering a range of print and finishing services. 

Unlike most conventional printers that simply produce the work sent to them by their clients, the team at Pressision like to have more creative input with the jobs they take on. Therefore, they often work closely with designers to achieve the best possible results both aesthetically and financially. 

For me, visiting the printers was a first, as previously i had never been to a commercial print house despite being a print focused graphic designer. Therefore, seeing the various pieces of equipment and learning about the different stages of their individual processes was fascinating.  

During the visit I took a range of images and videos documenting some of the things we were shown during the visit;

The large HP digital printer was the newest edition at Pressision and had the ability to print white ink! 

Offset lithograph printer. 

Printer ink well filled with some beautifully coloured ink. 


At the end of the visit we were each given one of Pressisions beautiful duplex business cards, which act both as a means of distributing contact details and showcasing the beautiful results that can be achieved by printing with the company. 

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