Monday, 2 March 2015



As a group we worked efficiently together, keeping ourselves organised and regularly meeting up to present work and discuss the most effective ways to progress with the project. I believe this group dynamic helped to improve communication and subsequently allowed us create a to a range of effective concepts and engaging designs through the process of creation, review and refinement. Despite the success of our continued efforts, towards the end of the brief we started working individually on the supporting aspects of the campaign to ensure we would meet the deadline, a decision which I believe lead to the visual inconsistency mentioned by the members of the DBA panel. 

Throughout the project, we held weekly criticisms to review work and ensure that the project was cohesive and progressing in the desired direction, a decision that helped us to develop a range of quality outcomes. However, although the process was effective in the sense that it allowed us to create and refine aspects of the branding campaign, it was lengthy and often inhibited us from progressing through the project as quickly as we could have. Towards the end of the project, it became apparent that this had a negative effect as we weren't left with enough time to critique and refine everybody's individual contributions.   

Throughout the project our time management was really effective, we had regular sessions which group members were required to attend. Furthermore, all group members were set progression tasks to complete for the next session, a limitation which I believed helped us progress through the brief much more efficiently. When engaging with future projects I plan to apply similar techniques to ensure time is managed as effectively as it was throughout the project. One aspect of our time management I felt could have been improved was our ability to make final decisions on important design decisions such as the logo. As previously discussed this had negative repercussions and is an aspect of the project I believe could have been improved. 

Finally, the presentation went really well, each member of the group had their own chance to speak and all relevant information was introduced and explained in detail. Alike in many of my previous presentations, I applied the lessons I learned in Ian Anderson's design thinking workshop to ensure that the presentation was engaging for the audience to sit through. 

Overall, I felt that the project went really well and allowed us to produce a strong brand identity and supporting campaign that successfully solved the problems outlined by the brief. 

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