Saturday, 7 March 2015


Today, while I was browsing through the assortment of work on Design Inspiration I came across some impressive work by Andy Gellenberg, an illustrator and graphic designer who is currently living and working in Germany.
Two of his pieces that really caught my eye are the two posters from his New York to L.A series, that combine a bright colour pallet with a busy composition of city specific illustrations. 

Although the illustrations themselves are only simple, the way the individual images are layered up and cut out of each other creates a really engaging visual effect that captures the often hectic nature of a city.

After looking at Andy's posters for a good few minutes I realised they utilise a very similar illustration technique to the one I used for one of my Secret 7 entries this year. 

Made as a visual representation of Born Slippy's 'Underworld' I built up layers of simple illustrations to represent the fragmented way in which a drunk person perceives the events of a night out on the tiles.  

Although the entry itself was unsuccessful, I want to continue experimenting with this style of illustration and apply it to some future projects. 

My entry to this years Secret7 design competition.

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