Sunday, 22 March 2015


Today, while browsing through the various opportunities available on the 'Life After College' opportunities forum I discovered a scheme offering paid scholarships to talented design students from around the world.

The scholarship, if attained through the competition like selection process, would pay for 70% of the students tuition fees while they completed the masters degree at the institution. 

Despite not considering engaging a masters degree before, the prospect of studying in Milan while having the majority of my tuition fees covered by the scholarship is very appealing. 

Domus Academy website.


While reading about the opportunities available I soon became intrigued by the institution. Therefore, to help inform me about the institution I decided to collect a quick body of research into the academy and its various attributes. 

  • Domus Academy is synonymous of global excellence in design since 1982.
  • Degrees globally recognised.
  • Institution highly ranked in creative industries.
  • Teaching faculty formed by prestigious industry professionals.
  • Opportunities to meet the most important names in the design industry.
  • Hands on experience with real life projects.
  • Intern with leading companies.
  • Develop a global perspective on design.
  • Academy have state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Study in Milan - design capital of the world.


After becoming intrigued by the opportunity I followed a link to the Domus website where I could access further information about the institution and the masters courses that are available. 

A range of scholarships are available with varying specialism focuses from branding to fashion. As a designer whose practice is predominantly focused on developing brand identities, the scholarship for a masters degree in visual brand design has a lot of relevance to my practice and future as a designer.  

To be selected for the scholarship, students must complete the competition brief available for the retrospective masters degree.


For the Masters in Visual Brand Design, students must complete a brief set by Bastard, a milan based brand that designs and produces clothing and equipment for snowboard, skateboard and streetwear. 

Anyone who has sat through any of my PPP presentations will know that the brief encompasses some of my main interests both personal and professional. 

As the brief has a lot of relevance to my design practice and a scholarship based prize that would fund a Masters degree in Visual Brand Design the opportunity is very appealing. I am unsure yet if this is definitely something I would like to pursue, but will keep the opportunity in mind as I begin to plan my postgraduate journey. 

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