Monday, 2 March 2015


Once I had finished the process of composing the publication and thoroughly reviewing its contents to check for any potential mistakes I felt confident enough to send the file through to Sam. 

As requested, the mock-up publication was exported as an interactive PDF, allowing Sam to view the piece online and upload it onto digital publishing websites. 

The response was nothing but positive and confirmed that I had skills adequate enough to secure me a place on the programme starting at the end of May. 


So today, over a month after I submitted my 'mock-up' editorial layout I received a message from Sam informing me that there was a slight update that needs making to the publication. Furthermore, I was also informed that Sam wants to post the outcome online this week, to coincide with the launch of Mahfia's new website. 

I was unaware that the layout would be used as initially I was told that it was a task to see if I was good enough to take part in the programme. However, it was a nice surprise and indicates that she was really impressed with my response. Anyway, the small change was made and the publication was resubmitted ready for publishing later in the week. 

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