Sunday, 1 March 2015


Today while going through my emails I came across a message form Fedrigoni inviting me to an up coming exhibition they are putting on in London.


The event, named 'Top Award Exhibition' is an international competition which recognises, rewards and showcases prestigious projects from around the world that have been printed on the luxury papers provided by Fedrigoni.

Sixteen winners were selected from more than 800 projects, entered from all over the world in the five competition categories: Books, Corporate Publishing, Labels, Packaging and HP Indigo Digital Printing. 

Winners were selected from each of the outlined categories and displayed at the event meaning that there was a broad range of award winning graphic design from range of disciplines.


After reading through the events information I was able to ascertain that the exhibition has relevance to various aspect of my design practice and personal interests, all of which I have listed in the bullet points below;

  • Print/craft focused exhibition - Direct relevance to my hands on practice. 
  • Book & Corporate Publishing categories have direct relevance to my focus on editorial design. 
  • Reviewing publications produced as part of the exhibition will be useful for the yearbook brief I am engaged with.
    • How and what stocks have been used on publications.
    • Reviewing the combination of luxury papers and finishing methods. 
    • Binding methods applied on publications. 
  • Reviewing the packaging projects will be useful for the packaging focused project I am collaborating on with Laura. 
    • Stocks used to create packaging.


As I was able to identify that the exhibition has relevance to various aspect of my design practice I decided to be proactive and register to visit the exhibition immediately. The process was very straight forwards, took only a few seconds and solidified my plans to organise a PPP focused trip to London.

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