Friday, 13 March 2015


Just over two weeks ago I received an email from Fedrigoni informing me of an exhibition they are putting on in London to showcase some of the best projects created in 2014 using the stocks the company distribute. 

The event is named the 'Top Award Exhibition' and took place for one day only on Friday 13th of March. After responding to the email and registering our attendance me and Joe arranged to go to London for the weekend to visit the exhibition and any other relevant events on at the same time. 


Before visiting the Top Award Exhibition we had some spare time to waste and so decided to visit the 'Imaginative Paper Studio', Fedrigoni's London base for showcasing their range of papers to prospective clients and designers. 

Fedrigoni's Imaginative Paper Studio. 


Upon arriving at the studio we were greeted by one of the employees who informed us about the office, its various uses and showed us the range of promotional pieces used to showcase their vast range of papers. 

I took note of some of the interesting points we discussed, all of which are listed below. 
  • Studio mainly used for orders and marketing. 
  • Studio has a secondary function of acting as a base which clients and designers can visit to review and choose stocks for projects. 
  • A small exhibition space features a selection of products made using Fedrigoni papers. 
  • She has worked for Fedrigoni since finishing university - main role is to discuss paper selections with clients.
  • Her job for Fedrigoni was offered to her as she finished the final year of her Graphic Design degree.  


The images below illustrate some of the most impressive publications found in the studio that are used to showcase Fedrigoni's paper to clients. To ensure that all possible applications were illustrated the majority of these publications featured a range of print and finishing methods, allowing clients to see how different paper characteristics showcased different methods. 

Die-cutting was used on the pages of this publication simultaneously creating depth and showcasing the range of papers featured in the book.   
Fedrigoni's current proportional tool for the Sirio Ultra Black paper range. 

This publication was comprised of a number of stapled publications that had been attached together at the spine using an adhesive.

 Until visiting the studio I had never seen a publication bound in this way, so it was interesting to review its functionality and consider using the method in future projects. 

Pages of the publication featured various print and finishing methods. 

A detailed shot of how the individual publications were bound.  


Also on display in the office was an impressive paper crafted suit which was expertly made using a range of Fedrigoni papers.  

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