Friday, 6 February 2015


Two days after we set the research task members of the group reconvened to present the additional city information that was collected as part of the task. 

Most members of the groups had collected similar information reviewing a broad range of city relevant information.

Some of the subject areas that were covered are listed below;
  • Historic events.
  • Historical/well known people & public figures.
  • Predominant Architecture.
  • Natural features - rivers, surrounding countryside. 
  • City relevant coat of arms - symbolic representation.
  • City facts and figures.
  • Industry statistics.
  • Business opportunities. 

After discussing the information that was collected as part of the research task we progressed with the project by discussing the concept and how the cities could be represented under one cohesive identity, something that we began to understand is very challenging. 

During this discussion we also aimed to define a set of brand values which will be used to influence the focus and development of our campaign.

Notes taken during the discussions are listed below;

  • Colour scheme could consist of two main colours with shades representing the individual cities.
  • Two shades of blue could be used for Liverpool and Hull and they are both port cities and two shades of green could be used for the inland cities, Manchester & Leeds.
  • A consistent visual language should be developed for all four cities, this would include semiotic representations for businesses, restaurants, banks and cycleways etc.
  • The brand values should be geared towards industry but also have relevance to the other segments of the target audience; residents and tourists. 
  • BRAND VALUES - Growth, Potential and Connectivity. 

The group spent around half an hour discussing the possible directions the brief could be taken in, after which we gave ourselves an hours timeframe to start developing some initial logo ideas.

To build upon the brand values of Growth, Potential and Connectivity, I wanted to create a modular logo system that interconnects and grows while visually representing the individual cities and 'Capital North' campaign. To do this, I hoped to create a series of icons relevant to the four cities that can be connected and arranged in multiple ways, growing as more icons are added.

Using the information that was presented earlier in our session, I made four small icon illustrations depicting the symbolic representation of each city. The four outcomes formed a base from which I started developing a range of potential logo variations. 

After the developmental hour was up the group assembled around one of the tables for a critique of the responses created. Each person had around five minutes to present their ideas and concepts at the end of which, feedback and ideas were given. 

There was a range of ideas created during the hour, each of which was original and completely different from one another. A lot of the concepts, although aesthetically different, aimed to communicate the brand values while simultaneously representing the campaign. 

Unable to get a clear idea of which concept to progress with we ended the session by setting a weekend task to further develop the concepts presented within the critique. 


To progress from the session a small weekend task was set in which members of the group were asked to continue developing their personal concepts and ideas which will be presented and refined during a big critique on Tuesday. 

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