Wednesday, 25 February 2015


At the end of the previous progress criticism i was set the tasks of developing my unfinished poster concept into a moving gif.


Triangles were taken from the logo icon, scaled and then arranged to replicate the shape of the united kingdom. The process was very tedious and took a lot longer than I first imagined. 

The process of gif. development is displayed below;

The colours outlined during the last session were then applied to the arrangement of triangles.  

Finally, to finish the illustration a light creme background was added. 

Final illustration.


To ensure that the gif. is presented professionally I downloaded a bus stop mock up from which the gif. will be created.

As part of the free download three individual mock-ups were included which also featured day and night variations. Of the selection available, I felt the frontal facing display unit will be the most effective way of displaying the gif as it is placed centrally and not affected by perspective. 


When creating the gif I had to upload the individual frames to the mock-up and then save the arrangement as a jpeg. so that the images can be used to create the gif. 

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