Saturday, 21 February 2015


Today I received a reply to the email I sent to 'Working in Skateboarding' inquiring about a the intern position they had available.

Unfortunately, the position that was advertised has already been taken. However, Sam thought my portfolio was great and informed me that they have another position to offer starting in the months of May/June. 

The message I received and my following response are displayed below; 

  • Work experience position lasts for 3 months.
  • Three to four graphic designers are employed for each 3 month programme.
  • One article needs designing each month - light workload.
  • A draft layout would need completing within 5 days of receiving the brief.  
  • Communications will take place via email - Handy for me as the company are based in America.
  • The position is unpaid however offers exposure in the skateboard industry, work experience and portfolio pieces.
  • If I am interested in the position Sam will send me a trial layout to complete.


As discussed on my initial blog post, the position is very beneficial and presents me with the opportunity to gain exposure in an industry I am interested in while simultaneously allowing me to develop a range of editorial portfolio pieces. Furthermore, as 'Working in Skateboarding' is based in America, the opportunity will also allow me to gain experience working with an international client via email based communications. 

For these reasons and more, I responded to Sams' email confirming my interest in the next available position. As part of the process I will be completing a trial layout in which I will compose a mock-up article using information and content sent to me by the company. 

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