Friday, 13 February 2015


The set of images below illustrates the process of logo development which started with James' negative space north star logo. It was suggested in the progress criticism with the guys from DBA that we should advance with and develop this design as it has positive attributes that make it relevant to our campaign.

  • Made from four individual pieces - reference to four cities.
  • North start has reference to geographical location of campaign.
  • Negative space creates an 'N' within the design - reference to multiple aspects of campaign.
  • Pieces of the design can be deconstructed and used as an individual representation of each city. 

As I currently have multiple projects on the go my workload is quite heavy, and requires me to balance multiple briefs. Therefore, before starting the logo development process I gave myself a 2 hour time slot in which all work will be completed. Setting mini deadlines such as this helps to ensure that I don't spent too much time developing one aspect of a project and simultaneously also helps me to become more efficient when working in programmes such as Illustrator. 


The set of image below document the design development process. 

After playing with some North Star logo variations I decided to utilise an element from one of James' other star logo variations to see if I could develop a relevant logo design.  

After the two hour time slot was up I had quite a nice range of logo variations ready to present to the group in our Friday criticism. 

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