Thursday, 19 February 2015


Today I presented my PPP Manifesto Presentation which reviewed my current progression through the first half of third year graphic design. As the presentation was produced and presented as part of the PPP module it covered topics such as;
  • My personal interests.
  • My focuses as a designer.
  • How my practice and interests have changed since the start of the year.
  • Improvements and developments to my design practice. 
  • My personal manifesto - a reflection of my interests and practice.
  • Third year projects.
  • Placement plans and opportunities.
  • Industry networking and exposure.

When creating and presenting the presentation I applied the lessons learned in Ian Anderson's design thinking workshop to ensure the presentation was engaging and cohesive, a decision that also allowed me to present with more confidence. 

Images below display the slides presented as part of the presentation; 

A blank slide used to visually illustrate the lack of change within my design practice and personal interests. 
The next slides reviewed improvements to my design practice, one was the speed at which I work.
The improvement in efficiency was inspired watching a logo design video with Aaron Draplin.
Presentation skills were also improved by applying lessons learned in a design thinking workshop with Ian Anderson. 
An aesthetic aspect that has also changed is the length of my hair and size of my bun.

My new manifesto is a combination of new points and refined points from the manifesto I created in second year.  

List of projects complete so far this year.
Images were included of projects complete this year that I was proud of. 

Slide discussed my future placement which will take place at Something More design studio.
And the prospects of a studio visit and possible placement at Robot Food - something which still needs arranging.

Sustainable notebooks completed as part of the PPP module.

As part of the PPP module I have also started featuring inspiration posts of inspiring things outside of the design world.


Overall, I feel the presentation went really well, running for just over six minutes without any major mistakes. Unlike in previous presentations, in which I wrote sentences to refer to when reading, I used singular words that had relevance to points I wanted to make. Using singular words to refer to while presenting was much more effective method than reading sentences as doing so affected the flow of my presentation. 

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