Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Today we had another progress criticism to review everybody's response to the personal tasks that were assigned at the end of the previous progress criticism. 

My personal tasks that were assigned during the criticism are displayed below. 

  • Develop posters.
  • Design variations - Posters.


A set of session aims were outlined before the criticism was started to help us progress with the brief to meet the fast approaching deadline. The final presentations are taking place on the Monday of next week, and so before then we need to develop a range of visuals and create a presentation to showcase our proposal.

At the current stage we are at with the project we are still lacking some of the founding elements of the identity such as a colour scheme and typefaces. Therefore, before reiewing any of the work produced we first outlined the decisions displayed below.


  • Choose final colour scheme.
  • Choose final typeface.
  • Outline services that will be completed as part of the project. 


Notes taken during the session are listed below;

  • Colour Scheme.
    • Keep central four pieces same colour.
    • Outer four pieces render in contrasting hue.
    • Individual tones used for city distinction. 
  • Typeface.
    • An english designed font has relevance to our campaign.
    • Thin/light weighted font works best when balanced alongside logo icon.
    • Using dark blue colour on type contrasts the green hues formed at the corner of the icon.
    • Gill Sans - Font chosen.
  • Logo.
    • Colours kept as one hue to represent individual cities.
    • Singular dark green used for logo when scaled at small sizes. 


As previously mentioned, one of the first things we defined are the two additional services that will be branded as part of our branding proposal. After some discussion we decided our focuses should be;

  • Train livery.
  • Environmental.

After outlining the additional branding applications we progressed by defining the individual aspects of the environmental focus we could brand as part of our campaign. 

  • Train stations.
  • Bustops.
  • City centre square - sculpture. 
  • Ground mural - airports.
  • Taxi cabs.
  • Buses, trains & trams.
  • Newspaper/magazine. 


After defining the additional services that will be branded as part of our campaign we progressed with the session by critiquing the work produced by each individual member of the group.  

Logo variations.

While critiquing the work we had discussions that helped us to make decisions on whose concepts/variations we should progress with. Not only did this allow us to make the decisions needed to start progressing with the brief, but it also allowed us to set individual tasks for each member of the group.

I was tasked with developing my England poster concept into a moving gif. that built up from the logo to reveal an interconnected UK.  


After we had critiqued the work produced for the criticism  each member was assigned tasks to complete for our next group meeting which will take place tomorrow.

  • Develop gif. to presentable standard.
  • Send James illustration so he can apply to additional brand elements.

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