Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Work in Skateboarding is a small company created in 2012 with donations gained from the skateboard community through a crowd souring campaign. 

The main goal and function of the company is to provide individuals with the knowledge and information needed to get a career in the skateboarding industry. To achieve this, Working in Skateboarding have a range of resources available for people to freely access, some of which are listed below;
  • Articles with industry professionals - what they do, how they got there.
  • How to articles and videos covering a range of subjects from zine publishing to getting a local skatepark.
  • Industry information - jobs available and what they entail. 
  • Artist interviews - articles on artists working in the industry.
  • Resource list - Links to relevant websites and videos.


As an individual I draw inspiration and enjoyment from a range of activities and interests, two of the most prominent of which are skateboarding and graphic design. For this reason, a career within the skateboarding industry very appealing, as the job would combine two of my life's passions into something I would be able to make a living off.  

Despite not quite knowing exactly what path to pursue after university, after reading through some of the content available on the website I realised getting a job within the skateboard industry is both an appealing and attainable option. 

Over the next week I plan to read through and analyse more of the content available on the website, watch the featured interviews with industry professionals and work out exactly what area of design i would want to peruse within the industry. By informing myself of the specifics and gaining an understanding of the type of design work I would be engaged with I will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not I want to focus my energy on pursuing a skateboard industry based career. 


Recently, on the Working in Skateboarding Instagram page they posted an image advertising a work opportunity for student designers interested in engaging with skateboard industry. 

The image detailed an editorial design opportunity, in which the selected applicant would work with the company to over the course of three months to develop simple editorial layouts for the 'Artists at Work' articles. Despite being based in America, the advertisement detailed that the opportunity is open to an international audience as all work would be submitted and displayed digitally. 

The position is unpaid, however, the opportunity would be very beneficial to my design practice as I would not only gain experience working on live briefs within an industry I am interested in, but I would also be producing work for a company with direct links to some of the biggest companies in the skateboarding industry. Therefore, the potential for industry relevant job opportunities following the work for 'WIS' is very probable. 

To chase the beneficial opportunity I sent a quick message with a link to my Behance portfolio to the email address provided. 

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