Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Today we had the first progress critique after the group split up for the weekend to develop logo concepts. At this point in the project, we currently have an established set of band values and a range of supporting concepts and logo ideas. To progress from this stage of the project, we aimed to outline a final logo design by the end of the criticism, giving us a solid foundation of work to show the members of DBM in their session tomorrow. 

As discussed in the previous post, I created a modular logo made from squares that can be built up and arranged in different ways. Examples of the logos I presented to the group can be seen below. 


Following the same format as the rest of the criticisms and presentations my group has organised with we gave each team member around five minutes to present and talk through their logo concepts. After the process, members of the group gave feedback on the aspects we thought worked well and how we could potentially progress from this point.  

During the critique I took notes of any important or relevant information that was discussed. Notes from the session can be seen below;


  • Colour scheme needs developing - four colours for four cities.
  • Continue to develop modular logo with additional icons. 
  • Develop a tagline for the campaign. 


Todays session was useful as it allowed us to assess the refined versions of everybody's logo concepts and review the variety of potential directions the brief could be taken in. However, due to the fact that each group member has produced a range of quality outcomes with relevant concepts supporting them made it very hard to meet the original aim of the session which was to choose a final design.

After much debate we decided to finish the criticism and wait till tomorrow to get a professional opinion on the situation from the DBA members. With a fresh set of eyes and a wealth of knowledge we are hoping that they can provide us with some valuable insights. consequently helping us to outline a final logo design.    

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