Friday, 27 February 2015


Today I had my portfolio review with Andy Lodge during which I presented what I felt were the strongest projects I have produced during my time at university. 

As the COP3 module was only recently submitted I did not have a vast amount of third year work completed and photographed to talk through as part of the session, so instead reviewed a lot of my strongest work produced during the first two years on the course. 


As of yet, I do not yet have a printed portfolio as I am still uncertain as to what exactly I want to include in my printed graduate portfolio. Therefore, I had no physical design boards to take to the session and so relied on my Behance as a way to showcase and talk through projects.

The projects from Behance I talked through during the session are listed below;

  • Transition Newspaper - COP3.
  • Self Branding.
  • Boardpusher Skateboard Illustration.
  • Print Guide.
  • Kennedy Poster.
  • Secret7" Entry. 


Projects were shown from my Behance that I felt were both conceptually and visually strong while simultaneously defining the focuses of my design practice. 

Behance Profile. 

COP3 - Transition Newspaper.
COP3 - Transition Newspaper.
Personal Branding. 
Personal Branding. 

Board Pusher - Competition Entry. 
A guide to print.


As well as showing a range of my published projects to Andy I also decided to show him images from some more third year projects that have not yet been published on my Behance. 

Images were shown from three main projects; Natura, DSM and Secret7". 

Natura - Brand identity. 
Natura - Brand identity. 
Natura - Brand identity. 

Next, I showed images of my illustrative Secret7" submissions that had only recently been completed and submitted as part of this years competition. 

Secret7" Submission (Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be)
Secret7" Submission (Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be)
Secret7" Submission (Born Slippy - Underworld)

After speaking through the selection of projects and discussing my current ideas surrounding my postgraduate progression from university Andy gave me a range of useful feedback on my current portfolio.

The points Andy made are listed below.  


  • Very strong portfolio of work.
  • Work is clearly relevant to my practice and progression from university. 
  • Really enjoyed looking through the physical version of the newspaper - Consider taking physical elements to job interviews.  
  • Consider extending DSM 'Words of Wisdom' project to include shots of branding applied to an interior - Photographed or mock-up. 
  • Images of projects are really strong - no need to reshoot.
  • Create a physical and digital portfolio. 


Overall, I found the session really useful as it allowed me to assess my current range of projects and define the ones that I feel best represent the focuses and quality of my practice. Furthermore, subsequently explaining the project concepts and supporting design decisions helped me to further assess the relevance of each of the individual projects I presented. 

To help me advance from the session I made a list of progression points that were created using the feedback received from Andy. 

  • Create a printed physical portfolio.
  • Create a digital portfolio.
  • Extend DSM project.
  • Create a personal website. 

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