Friday, 6 February 2015


Today we had a morning briefing with the team behind Something More design studio, in which they revealed the overall winner of the 'The Ministry of Wonderful' in college live brief that was set earlier in the year. 

To my surprise, I was named as the overall winner of the brief and consequently was awarded with the wonderful scepter and sash displayed below. Furthermore, additional to the beauty queen style merchandise, I was also awarded with a two week work placement at the Something More studios. 


As part of being named as the overall winner of the brief I have been awarded with a two week work placement which will take place at the Something More design studio after the Easter break. 

The opportunity allows me to engage with my first work placement within the graphic design industry, the benefits of which I have listed below. 

  • First placement experience!
  • Get an understanding of how a design studio functions, how work is split, the structure of a normal day, the intensity of the workload etc. 
  • The small size of the team will allow me to experience what it is like to work with a small team of dedicated designers, 
  • The placement gives me the opportunity to work along side designers with huge amounts of industry experience - leaning opportunities. 
  • Experience first hand what it is like to work in a commercially focused design studio - practical experience. 
  • Will help to raise my awareness of current developments in the commercial design sector. 

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