Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Today I attended one of the first meetings for the society of sustainability, a group that has recently been set up within the college to raise awareness of issues surrounding sustainability. 

The meeting was designed as a way to inform students interested in getting involved with the society about the current ideas, future ambitions and current progression with schemes that were put forwards in the first meeting. As a graphic designer whose practice is heavily influenced by the concept of sustainability involvement in the society has relevance to both my personal interests and professional practice. Furthermore, by becoming involved in the society I will naturally start networking with students outside of graphic design who share similar interests as myself.  

Notes that were taken during the session are displayed below;

  • Infographics made from recycled materials depicting information about sustainability will be produced, photographed and from an exhibition.
  • Recycled infographic sessions will take place - 17, 18, 19 March.
  • Recycle boxes will be placed around college for students to place spare or waste material into. 
  • Posters need making for the society - One to raise awareness and one for the spare material recycle boxes.
  • The next meeting is in two weeks time. 
  • Facebook group has been made - post any ideas here.

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