Tuesday, 24 February 2015


After the previous progress criticism each member of the group was given a loist of short tasks to complete for the next meeting in a days time.

After reviewing my initial poster concepts and designs I was tasked with further developing the typographical poster I created. I used the feedback given on the designs from the group to help me refine my initial composition and reach a final outcome. 


Feedback received on the posters is listed below;

My posters - Concept is really strong.
    • Play with letter opacity to highlight the individual city names.
    • Capital North logo needs to be bigger & more noticeable.
    • Try arranging the letters so they are all vertical. 
    • Colours need adapting to form consistency with the rest of the campaign.


The process of development was started by playing with the opacity of the letterforms, a suggestion that was presented within the previous criticism. The technique worked well at highlighting the individual letters of the city and subsequently made the concept behind the poster more apparent. However, because of the posters composition the letters of the city were disordered, something that I felt affected readability. 

I started developing a new typographical composition with the letters placed vertically as suggested within the criticism. However, after spending around half an hour playing around with different letter placements I realised that the vertical letters restricted my ability to finish the composition with a flat bottom, like on the poster shown above. Therefore, I decided not to progress any further with this poster design and instead focused my efforts on creating a poster variation.  


Progressing from the letter based concept, I referred back to my initial concept sheet and chose a second idea to digitally develop ready for the next group session. 

The idea selected utilised shapes taken from the logo icon to build up an engaging visual that illustrated the concept of strength through varying intensities of colour. Placed centrally, the logo icon is rendered in a dark blue colour to exemplify the strength of capital north, the coloured shapes surrounding the poster gradually get lighter towards the edge of the page.

Colour variations were also created for presentation to the group. 

Information was added to the final composition to help group member visualise how the finished design could look. 

Final outcome.


While creating the previous design a new concept came to me that was based on creating illustrations by using the triangular shapes of the logo icon.   

I started developing this concept but was unable to finish it before the next group criticism took place. 

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