Thursday, 5 February 2015


Today, I read a fascinating and inspirational article about the people of Sarayaku, an Amazonian tribe who are currently fighting back against the oil industry and effects of global warming.

The article discusses Patricia Gualinga's involved with campaigning for global action to stop climate change and the struggle faced by her tribe to stop the exploitation of their land for profit. Sarayaku is based in southern Ecuador, a country which has been the focus of much media attention for selling teh drilling rights to huge amounts of indigenous land. 

An aspect of the article I found really interesting was the section which discussed how the amazonian community are not only defending their land from the powerful corporate influences interested in exploiting it, but believe their balanced, nature focused lifestyle is key to overcoming the environmental and societal problems currently faced by 21st century society.
'What I found in Sarayaku was not just a community defending its territory. I encountered a people who believe that their lifestyle, deeply connected to nature, holds promise for humans to save themselves from global warming and extinction. They are fighting back by advancing a counter-capitalist vision called sumak kawsay—Kichwa for “living well”—living in harmony with the natural world and insisting that nature has rights deserving of protection.'
Additionally, another quote that really struck a resonance with my environmental philosophies discussed some of the choices people will have to make if we are to progress towards a sustainable future.

“choosing our responsibility to the seventh generation over quarterly earnings, regeneration over economic growth, and the pursuit of well-being and harmony over wealth and financial success.”

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