Thursday, 12 February 2015


In todays session we had a critique with the DBA members in which they reviewed our current progress with the brief they set last week.

In preparation for the session, Sean made a quick presentation displaying the range of logos that have been developed so far, allowing us to have visual examples of our work while talking about our brand values. 

The image below displays the boards that were displayed; 

Each member of the group had a chance to talk through their current ideas before the DBA team gave feedback on our current progression. 

  • Such a good range of ideas makes it hard to choose a direction to progress in.
  • Our brand values aren't 'Brand Values' they are more like brand attributes.
  • North star icon (developed by James) has a lot of potential and is a good representation for the campaign.  
  • Modular logo is relevant and has a good application. 
  • Consider creating a range of logos that combine the strongest aspects of the current logos.
  • Logo needs to be more than a logo, it should tesselate and have a range of applications spanning the identity. 


After some useful feedback from the DBA guys we decided to have a repeat of the one hour task we engaged with last week, only this time the hour would be spent developing logo concepts that combined the strongest elements of different logos. 

Using James' geometric north star design I started experimenting with different concepts by extending the lines to form interesting patterns into which the icons could be placed.  

I continued to experiment with this concept but decided as a logo it is far too intricate to work as a final design. However, the idea illustrates how James' star could be adapted to form aspects of a larger identity. 

Finally, progressing from the complexity of the previous designs I simplified the concept refining the design to an arrangement of squares. 


After the hour was over we had the chance to present the combination logos to one of the members of the DBA team, allowing him to assess the developments and give feedback as to how we could potentially progress. 

  • All of the combination logos show potential.
  • James' simplified north star logo with the negative space 'N' is really strong and should be developed. 
  • Continue with the process of refining and development.


Progressing from the feedback, we decided to progress with James' simplified north start logo, sending the file to each member of the group so a range of logo variations can be developed individually. As we finished the session we organised to have another group meeting on Friday in which we will display the variations of the star logo, hopefully allowing us to define a final outcome.  

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