Wednesday, 18 February 2015


In the previous group session we held a criticism and chose a final logo icon, a process that took us well over a week of designing and refining to reach. After we had made a cohesive group decision on the choice of final icon we progressed by dividing the workload among group members to enable us to move through the rest of the brief more efficiently.

The group was split roughly in half, with three people working on the concept and initial visuals for the posters with the additional members working on how the logo could be manipulated to represent each individual city. From the selection of focuses I was given the task of developing the concept for the four posters.


Before I started trying to develop a concept for the four posters I first reviewed the brief to see what information was available relevant to their focus and production. 

  • Series of four posters.
  • One poster for each city.
  • A poster will be featured in each city to reinforce locally the the importance of 'stronger together'.

Although fairly open, the information given by the brief does have some restrictions, such as the message that is delivered and the fact that each city needs a poster. With the limitations in mind I started working through my initial concept ideas on a spider diagram.

As it was previously outlined, the message that the posters need to deliver is outlined by the brief, and requires the posters to communicate a message of strength through the unity of the four cities. With this in mind, I was able to think of two ways the message could be communicated - 
  • Directly.
  • Indirectly.
A direct representation of the message would portray something that physically exists in the world and is commonly known to work better together or in a pack. On the other hand, an indirect representation of the message would use a more conceptual way of visualising the message, such as colours overlapping to make a stronger colour.

With this in mind I started developing a range of initial concept ideas which are shown in the spider diagram below;


Once I had generated a range of poster concepts I had the necessary platform of information needed to start progressing with the digital development of designs. From the current range of ideas I selected one concept to digitally develop ready for the group meeting which is organised to take place next week. 

The letter concept, which played on how words are meaningless when the letters are not together, was selected for development as I though it visualised the 'stronger together' concept effectively whilst simultaneously retaining relevance to the brand attributes. 


The process of digital development and refinement is documented below;


After creating the basic letter composition and adding the additional information and logo icon I progressed with development by applying colour to the outcome.

It was established during the early research stages of the project that each of the four cities involved in the 'Capital North' scheme has a vibrant culture spanning multiple areas from fine dinning to art. Therefore, to visually represent the cultural vibrancy of the cities involved I decided to experimenting with applying some bright, attention grabbing colours to the letter composition. 


Once I finished experimenting with the colour variations I reviewed and analysed the success of the initial posters design. Although the concept for the poster works well, I decided that the layout of both the letters and featured information needed refining. To fill the posters available space letters were spaced quite freely, with large gaps sometimes appearing between the letterforms giving the poster a loose, messy aesthetic. Therefore, to refine the design of the poster I reduced the amount of fonts used to four individual typefaces and recomposed the types placement. 


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